Does the cost of your construction or 30/40/50-year recertification project appear exaggerated or artificially inflated? This could be a sign of something more distressing!

  • Do you believe that your condo or HOA construction-related assessment is too high?
  • Has your HOA been transparent about how they are spending YOUR MONEY?!?
  • Do you feel like you are paying too much? Remember, you – as the owners – are paying for these costs!!
  • Has your HOA shared all relevant details of your construction project?
  • Have all the measurements and construction-related materials been properly estimated and accounted for?



More than two thirds (⅔) of condo buildings in Miami Dade are older than 30 years. JAM & ASSOCIATES has uncovered a concerning pattern: the cost of many construction and 30/40/50-year recertification projects have been grossly inflated – at times, by many millions of dollars – saddling condo and HOA owners with crippling and unsurmountable debts and assessments.

Unethical construction or engineering companies could try to deceive condo and HOA owners with high-priced contracts and/or inflated building measurements in order to artificially increase the cost of renovation projects. This growing concern underscores the urgent need for independent oversight and consultancy to ensure transparency and fairness in the process.

JAM & ASSOCIATES provides its clients with a proven, comprehensive peer review (second opinion) to safeguard and protect condos and HOAs members best interests. We bring a group of engineers and architects with more than 30 years of experience in the field of construction, administration, design, operations, and project management.

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JAM & ASSOCIATES empowers condo and HOA owners by providing a safeguard from unethical overcharges in construction and threshold inspection projects, ensuring transparency, accuracy, and fairness through expert second opinions, comprehensive pricing analysis, and construction project oversight.

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JAM & ASSOCIATES is poised to revolutionize the construction oversight industry, offering condo and HOA owners a trusted partner in ensuring the success and fairness of their construction projects. Through expertise, transparency, and a commitment to cost savings, we aim to become the go-to solution for condo construction oversight.

The glue that holds business relationships together, that is trust, and this trust is purely based on integrity.

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